Meeting people

At Whole Truth Ministries we know that we can’t set these guys free from their addictions, only Christ can do that! What we can set these guys free from are the Negative environments surrounding Family, Friends and Situations that they would normally have to return to after Treatment or Incarceration. Our Recovery Houses Greatly increase their odds at a successful Recovery!

At WTM we’re speaking the Whole Truth of God’s Love, Grace, Mercy and Forgiveness to the Prodigal Sons returning from the Addicted Lifestyle! By providing Quality Transitional Housing to Men coming home from Inpatient Treatment and Incarceration, we’re able to treat People like People, Not their Addiction. We understand that most People turned to drugs in the first place because of Trauma. We don’t just Service the Addiction or Treat someone as though their never going to be Set Free! We help them get to the Root of the issue and to understand how that’s causing them to return to Drug Use and Most Importantly, how  God can Heal that area of their life.

We’ve been Honored and Privileged to watch God quiet the Screams of Addiction in Addicts and Families since 2013.